Hotel Conquistador is located

5 minutes form Airport Mariscal Lamar, you can take Av. España, pass the roundabout of the Chola Cuencana and go 1 block until Lamar, go up 7 blocks and turn left on Borrero, 1 one extra block until Gran Colombia, drive 20 and you have arrived to our Hotel.

3 minutes fromPlaza Central, also known as Calderón, we are located 3 blocks from this main touristic site in the city, you can walk to it. In Parque Calderón you can take some recommended Tours.

We are 3 blocks from the Main National and Local Banks.

5 minutes from theArcheological Center in Cuenca known asPumapungo,where you can also visit the Museum with the same namewhich the most representative of our city.

7 minutes Millennium Plazafirst mall with a movie theateror get snacks get typical or international food.

7 minutes fromParque de la Madre (the park for athletes) it was recently remodeled and it has the best Planetarium in the country.

In only 10 minutes by car you arrive to Mall del Rio,the biggest in the city, ideal to shop for shoes, clothes, electro domestic products, it has a Fun Center, Convention Centerand a food court.

15 minutes from the hotel taking the Panamericana Norte you can visit the AmaruZoo, where you can enjoy nature.

15 minutes from the hotelyou can find the Mirador de Turi, where you can see the whole city of Cuenca.

20 minutes from the hotel if you are a gastronomy lover you can visitRicaurteand San Joaquín,to try the best typical dishes.

Only 30 minutes from the hotel you can findNatural Parks. We have el Cajas, a truly amazing place, it has many paths that lead to natural lagoons and ideal to practice adventure sportsand also visit local communities.


Cuenca is the third most important city in the country. Cuenca has a local airport for national flights and it works with four different airlines to offer different flying alternatives if you are traveling from Quito.

Tame, Aerogal, Lan y Lac.- Have several flights from 6h00 am, noonand night. The average cost per person goes from $60,00 to 85,00.

If you are traveling from Guayaquil the only airline thattravels to Cuenca is Tame direct flight and the average cost is $60,00


Public Transportation: You can take a bus from and to Quito, Guayaquil and Machala from the Bus Terminal. The costs rank from $7,00 to $12,00, the higher tariff is from Quito and Tulcán due to the distance from cities.

Nowadays there are Travel and Tourism Agencies that provide transportation service for direct travel. The most frequent destinations are from and to Guayaquil, Quito, Machala and Loja. The costs rank between$80,00 and $150,00. Depending on the hour and distance.

In some cases you can even request a Taxi orTransportation Company (Trucks) costs vary according to the destination.

There is a 2-deck Bus Route locallythat leaves from Parque Calderón in different schedules and the ride lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes ideal to go around the city. The cost per adult is $5,00 and 12-year old kids and under pay 50% as well as students.

Cuenca is known nation wide for its culture, near the hotel you can find and enjoy the best museums, colonial and republican architecture, parks and plazas.



MUSEO DE LAS CULTURAS ABORÍGENES – Address: Larga St. and Hno. Miguel.

MUSEO DE LAS CONCEPTAS – Address: Hno. Miguel and Presidente Cordova.

MUSEO DEL CIDAP (CENTRO INTERAMERICANO DE ARTES Y ARTESANÍAS POPULARES) Address:Located in the Escalinatas of the Barranco following Hno. Miguel.

MUSEO REMIGIO CRESPO TORAL – Address: Larga St. sector el Barranco.

MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO – Address: Sucre St y Coronel Talbot.

MUSEO TALLER DEL SOMBRERO – EL BARRANCO – Address: Larga St. y Padre Aguirre.

AMARU ZOOLÓGICO CUENCA – Address: Highway Cuenca-Azogues. Kilometer 10.5 near Hospital del Río.

Churches and Patrimonial Buildings

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (New Cathedral). Address: Benigno Malo St and Sucre.

Church de El SagrarioAddress: Sucre St. and Luis Cordero (corner).

Church Carmen de la AsunciónAddress: Sucre St. and Padre Aguirre

Church Todos Santos (1534)Address: Larga St. and Vargas Machuca

Church de San BlasAddress: Manuel Vega St. and Simón Bolívar.

Church Santo DomingoAddress: Gran Colombia and Padre Aguirre

Church Las ConceptasAddress: Presidente Córdova St. and Antonio Borrero

Church San SebastiánAddress: Bolívar St. and Coronel Talbot (esquina).

Church San AlfonsoAddress: Simón Bolívar St. and Presidente Borrero.

Patrimonial Buildings:

City hall Cuenca, Address: On the corner of Borrero and Bolívar.

La Casa de las Posadas – Address: Baltazarra de Calderón and Bartolomé Serrano

Supreme Court of JusticeAddress Sucre and Luis Cordero

Casa de las Palomas (home to Pigeons)Address: Benigno Malo St. and Juan Jaramillo

Casa de los CanónigosAddress: Luis Cordero entre Sucre and Bolívar

Parque Abdón Calderón also known as Parque Central it on Simón Bolívar and Benigno Malo St.

Plaza San FranciscoLocated on Presidente Córdova and Padre Aguirre

Plaza del Carmen o Plaza de las flores Address: Calle Sucre and Padre Aguirre

Parque de San BlasAddress Simón Bolívar and Manuel Vega

Parque San Sebastián:Address Estévez de Toral and Sucre

Plaza Sangurima o Plaza Rotary:Address Sangurima St. and Vargas Machuca

Parque de la Madre:Address: Florencia Astudillo diagonal to Milenium Plaza

Ruinas de Todos Santos (Ruins of all Saints):Address:Larga and Bajada Todos Santos St.

Turismo de Aventura: Cuenca is a privileged city because is surrounded by mountains and an amazing natural habitat. We recommend these following places Poblado la Paz, Pista de Bicicrós, Sports Concentration Centerof Azuay Sayausí, Lagune de Busa, Girón, Valley of Yunguilla, Cojitambo andNational Park El Cajas. More information at

Mirador de Turilocated in the parish of Turi in the south of the city. You can enjoy an architechtonical vie of the city.

Thermal Waters of Baños 8 km southeast from the center of the cityis the parish of Baños, known for its natural thermal waterswith minerals.

Paute, Gualaceo, Chordeleg and Sigsig, these are cantons close to the citywith lots of touristic offers, hotels and more.

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